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At Heritage Assisted Living – Union City, our core philosophy revolves around forging genuine connections with our residents through our specialized memory care program, Along the Journey. We don’t just provide physical care; we delve deeper by placing significant emphasis on their emotional well-being, comfort, and the preservation of their dignity and respect.

Our approach at Heritage Assisted Living is deeply personal. We take the time to truly understand each resident, fostering an environment of empathy and unwavering compassion as they navigate their unique paths. Our overarching philosophy is to cultivate meaningful connections. We firmly believe in treating each resident as a unique individual with a rich life story, not merely as a patient.

Heritage Assisted Living is much more than a place to reside; it’s a close-knit community that genuinely cares for the well-being of your loved one. With us, they will be embraced by warmth, understanding, and the highest standard of memory care, making their journey a truly comforting and enriching experience.

The Along the Journey program is a comprehensive memory care program designed specifically for residents with memory impairments. It’s a way for loved ones and caregivers to develop relationships that benefit each memory care resident. The journey begins with a successful transition that supports each resident in their new environment.

Through the Along the Journey program, the community will complete a holistic assessment of the resident’s abilities and background. Information will be gathered from the resident, family, other caregivers, and physicians. From cognitive and physical health to preferences for food and music, the information we gather will help our caregivers connect with your loved one and create a daily routine that positively reinforces their behaviors.


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Jan 18 2024

Priority Life Care’s Along the Journey Program

The Along the Journey program was created by Priority Life Care with residents, their families,...



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